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Electricians in Las Vegas: RBI Is Your Best Choice for Quality

At Robertson Bright Industries (RBI), our Las Vegas electricians, engineers, and technicians are well-trained, knowledgeable, highly-skilled and professional. RBI has been offering quality electrical service and repairs to our valued clients for more than 50 years by our experienced electricians in Las Vegas valley. With our expertise and team of experienced electricians, we have successfully served consumers in Las Vegas and surrounded areas. We provide both commercial and residential electrical repairs in the Southern Nevada area including; Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Pahrump and Mesquite. Robertson Bright Industries prides our business on always providing exceptional service to our customers.

Completed Projects:
  • Habitat for Humanity - Women Builders
  • North America Solar Project - Daimler Buses
  • Lily Lake - Solar Project
  • McDowell Electric Move
Notable Acquisitions:
  • Corona Electric, LLC
  • McDowell Electric, Inc.
  • Breaker Electric, Inc.
  • Arco Electric, Inc.

Las Vegas Electrical Contractors

With meticulous planning, interpersonal communication, and excellent building and construction practices, RBI projects are well-known in the Las Vegas Community. We offer building and communications solutions using ecologically-friendly, Advanced Green Technology (AGT) that sustains the Earth. In an effort to use products that make an impact, RBI leads the way.

Considering the harsh realities of changing climates and increasing natural disasters, AGT electrical construction materials and building protocols are taken into careful consideration by a professional team of highly-trained RBI Las Vegas electrical contractors. State-of-the-art building materials such solar panels, quality insulations, highly-efficient.

Excellent Service
  • Construction Planning
  • Construction Sequencing
  • Cost Evaluation
  • Design Analysis
  • Engineering
  • Process Controls
  • System

Construction Solutions by Electrical Contractors in Las Vegas

RBI’s electrical contractors provide localized construction solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential structures with services that are on budget, on time, and in tune with ecological technologies. We ensure quality work by implementing the safest procedures available. Driven by integrity and outstanding leadership, RBI electrical contractors have offices strategically located in Canada and the United States. Power, confidence, integrity, and dedication guarantee jobs well done.

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Benefits & advantages to using RBI
Robertson Bright Inc. (RBI) provides quality electrical service and repair in Las Vegas and has serviced clients for over 50 years.
  • Good Reputation. At RBI, we are dedicated to meeting the high standards of our clients by providing quality workmanship.
  • Low Employee Turnover. No one likes to see new people in their building.
  • Accountability & Management. As a RBI client, you can expect experienced and highly-trained electricians.